RistoPluS is a specific management software system for the catering sector.

The software can be customized to the customer’s requirements and can be easily adapted to specific requirements, managing all stages of the work and helping to work out specific operating problems.

Customized management One of the main characteristics of our RistoPlus app is the option to customize the procedures and interfaces to best suit the customer’s needs. Customers can also customize the room and table layouts in addition to the general interface and function keys.

Simplicity and efficiency One of our priorities was to ensure that the technology was easy to use, making it efficient and useful for our customers. There are dozens of RistoPlus functions, including full integration of the waiter pads  that work in real time with the main computer and the management of more than one restaurant through a web connection.




RistoPlus: Management software for the catering sector – all-inclusive

RistoPlus Pizzeria e pub: Management of table and takeaway services

RistoPlus Light: Complete bar management

RistoPlus Comande: Management of orders using waiter pads

RistoPlus Tabacchi: Management of tobacconist shops

Attached documents:

Product sheet

Some of the RistoPluS functions

– Simultaneous management of table and takeaway services;
– Option to work with touch screens only– Easy to use waiter pad, user-friendly interface, easy to learn for new staff;
– Easy, controlled operations management that can be used by staff without much experience ;

– Fast exchange of information, including in busy situations;
– Management of course prices by size (mini, normal and maxi);
– Menu management with pre-set courses and selected courses;
– Complete management of tables, divided by room;
– Ability to split up, join or move tables;
– Map of the room that can be customized with photos or pictures;
– Payment management with simple division or according to what was eaten, and issue of fiscal and non-fiscal receipts;
– Table booking management;
– Each course can be associated with a key that can be changed by color, size, text and picture;
– Printing of orders in the individual production areas like the pizzeria, bar, kitchen, grill, etc. with indication of the sitting for each individual course;

– Complete integration of all the waiter pads with real-time operations (the bills put onto the computer can be changed by the handheld pad and vice versa);
– Graphic management of the tables on the waiter pads;
– Export/import of the files from mobile storage supports;
– Statistics that can be related to the period –course – room – takeaways – tables – waiters – type;
– Courses divided by type;
– Management of the ingredient modifiers grouped together by type;
– The bill is always under control (always highlighted on the operating screens, showing the total account being worked on);
– Postponement of preparation of the courses with printout of the notices to the production areas at the pre-scheduled time;
– Option to divide the bill up to 11 sittings with notice to the production areas of the time to wait before starting preparation;
– Sending and receipt of text messages from the waiter pads;
– Display of information regarding the total amount for the table, the time it was occupied and table status (free, occupied, booked, ready to pay) for each table on the map;
– Full customization of the software, also by the end user, selection of type of keys, colors, pictures and the overall look of the software;
– Warehouse statistics relating to the consumption of the individual courses, divided by room, table, takeaway, etc.;
– Safety: user management with password and controlled access;
– Programmed backups;
– Sharing of information and functions by Internet (management of more than one restaurant at the same time, that can interact);
– Analysis of the staff activities;
– Management of takings at the individual cash desks or by waiter, separated into invoiced or non-invoiced amounts (fiscal receipts, etc.).