Weight indicator in stainless steel with Matrix Color Guide system and RFID reader.

Matrix Color Guide is a patented system that can be applied to the weighing scales that we produce; the shape and color of a Led matrix on the display helps operators when filling the packages and controlling their weight. An example is given to show the various steps in the process.
Quality Operator Tracking
Identification of the operator on all the weighing scales; this means that weighing done on the weighing scales will be associated with the operator, thereby recording the quality of the package in terms of correct weight.

Checkount Software
Interconnected network system with the information from all the weighing scales on the packaging line so that the production data can be checked and recorded. The packaging can be changed quickly and efficiently on all the weighing scales, a single line, part of a line, or on the individual weighing scales.
Statistics to check all the weighing scales installed on the packaging lines in real time. Statistics at the level of packaging, lines, weighing scales and operators with display of both the quantitative figures in terms of items/kg and in qualitative terms of the packaging in terms of weight.


Technical specifications:

Strong HG weighing platform with weighing pan in AISI 304 stainless steel; patented shape for packaging/filling crates max 40×60 cm.

Capacity available:

6 kg resolution 1 g
25 kg resolution 2-5 g
25 kg resolution 2-5 g