Our mission

Tecno Quality has over ten years experience in the sector of precision instruments and weighing systems; it also designs and develops management software and provides customer support services.

Established in 2004, Tecno Quality’s supplies the following products and services: weighing instruments and precision instruments for laboratories, metrology, design, development and management software assistance. Over the years, as it acquired experience and analyzed customer requirements, Tecno Quality developed a series of user-friendly applications and products to simplify and speed up the management of many small and medium-sized businesses in the fruit and vegetable sector in general. MAIN SERVICES AND PRODUCTS


  • Weighing and precision instruments

  • Metrology

  • Design

  • Management software development and assistance

Professional capacity and experience

Tecno Quality srl is an efficient partner that can meet the requirements and facilitate development of the production process in a number of industrial sectors; it achieves this through its technologically advanced equipment and the coordinated services it provides to resolve and manage the issues related to use of the instruments.

Services and Products

Improve productivity

All our products and services are designed to optimize the work, production and packaging processes.

Optimize time management

Systems conceived to reduce production times and improve quality control efficiency.

Customized work flows

Work flows can be customized with our modular systems to improve overall performance.

General efficiency

Speed up production and control times to improve the efficiency of the entire corporate process.

Tecno Quality improves efficiency.